We’re taking a stand with Lauren Conrad. Replace skinny, slim, and thin with fit, toned, and healthy on all websites with this simple Chrome extension.

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Visit a site.

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See how many words were replaced.

Focus on the right things.

It’s time to stop letting websites, commercials, and ads tell women how they should feel about themselves and their bodies. Instead of pretending we don't see these words, let's truly not see them.

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What You'll See


So, what about skinny jeans? And other more important topics.

Will this replace “skinny” in skinny jeans? What about when the word “thin” is being used to descibe an iPhone case?
Currently the only exception for the word replacement is skinny jeans— it will not change. In all other cases, the words (skinny, slim, and thin) will be replaced, even when they're describing an iPhone case.

Umm… that’s annoying. Is there anything I can do about that?
You can turn off the extension by clicking the icon on your Chrome browser and selecting “Turn off.”

You know not all skinny, thin, or slim people are healthy, right?
Yes, eating disorders are serious health concerns. This is just a conversation starter. We're trying to bring awareness around how prevalent bodyshaming is around the web. Let us know what we should change to make this better by tweeting using the hashtag (#HonestExt), filling out the word form on the bottom, or emailing us.

I still see the words sometimes. And the number on the icon doesn’t match with the number of words actually changed. What’s going on?
Hmm... Email us a screenshot please. We’ve tested it out on a number of sites and we’re trying to make sure it’s working properly, but hey, no one is perfect. There might be tags hidden in the background that we're counting, but you're not seeing. Let us know what’s going on and we’ll see what we can do.

Glad you guys are doing this on bodyshaming, but have you thought about other topics?
We've definitely thought about it, but let us know what direction you think we should go in.

But let’s not stop at just those three words.

Skinny, thin, and slim are just a start. We know there are others that aren’t helping the cause, so let us know what other words you want replaced. (What about plus-size? That suggests there’s a “normal- size.” LC said it well— “Every body is created differently— and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.” Thoughts?)

Tell us what you think.

(Or feel free to email us.)